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A mom (Argentina) captures a strange creature while filming her son. She believes it to be a Duende, which is a fairy or goblin-like creature from Latin American or Filipino folklore.


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Solomon Island

A island rests in the ocean off the coast of Europe. The mountain holds a serpent. The natives grow wise of their surroundings evolving and learning the magic and dark dreams. Then the invaders came for the dark dream. Gods from far lead their warriors to fight back the invaders with a familiar weapon from the coasts tales. Invaders driven back and the wards sealing the serpent in. The warriors left and fell into the red seaweed and were embraced by a dream. They twisted in the dreams and the weapon was left in the embrace of their trapped ship. Back on the island the illumanadi take their hold on the islands secrets and establish a academy for the gifted. A local magic user lived in the black house and was burned as a witch under the illumanadi suspicion. Her house still stands in the savage coast. A man came and was banished. The man came again and was banished again four decades later. This was very weird. Even for the illumanadi work. He disappears from the illumanadi chasing him. Like i mean he disappeared right in frount of the eyes of the best of the illumanadi. Super weird. As for the wabanachi time and new aged stuff over took most of them. The last of them died with the quarry. It pumps black liquid from the mountain. A manor sits at the bottom right next to the mountain on the map. A library of secrets is there that drove many to commit acts agenst their own. Now only a woman lives there. She lives with the souls bound to it. With her cats. A ship goes out. gets stuck in red seaweed. finds a ship graveyard. finds a thing. runs back to port with thing. What happens next is the fog. They found the weapon that was trapped with the vikings. And they followed it back to shore. A song was weaved and people followed. Some were “unaffected” as others were not so lucky. The drauger came in armies. Converting the undead into more draugers. A man with a camera and a history of searching went into the fog. He now dreams. Many share his dream. The dreamer dreams dark dreams that have hold over more than you suspect or even want. You probably could guess whats coming in from the fog. But whats coming from the mountain the wabanachi swore to keep warded. Its not the same. As we saw the drauger fight the filth bloated monstrosities on the shore near the light house. They both are whispers. But they dont speak the same voice.
You have to leave them. Theres much bigger things at hand. And all we can do for them now is to wave and say “good luck”.


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Click here to watch Stephen Colbert take a look at impossible beauty standards on The Colbert Report.

Meanwhile, full episodes of The Report are always available on the Comedy Central app.




Volavarn and I have collected and hoarded these, in order to make good use of them one day. Now we decided to share them, so all of you could use them too:

Color Pallet Generator


Clothing References/Costumes

HD Movie Screenshots

People and Animals - Classes

Muscles and Bones

Anatomy - you have to log in with your google or facebook account though

Concept Art

and always rememberimage

have fun :D


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when u have a bad day at school


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I Am a Bride

A short comic inspired by Finnish werewolf folklore in which it is many times the wedding couple and/or the entire wedding party that is bewitched to turn into wolves by a resentful guest or family member.

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American History 101

True life: I got kicked out of class in the third grade for bringing this up.

Yeah alot of history is like this… Its because the “winners” write history. I quotation marked winners because its very vague.

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fuckboy and lava girl

Fuck boy and larva gurl

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Good job being the lord of moon bog.

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dude what if all our skin was like ballsack skin


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